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Whose Billboard Are You?

We have so many opportunities to support our sports teams and heroes by boasting their names on our shirts and their logos on our stickers. But why don’t we boast the biggest Hero that ever walked the face of this earth?

Tribe Of Judah is dedicated to provide you with opportunities to become a billboard for God and to boast the name of Jesus Christ. We market merchandise that is Faith Inspired, of High Quality and that allows you to Spread the Word! 

Faith Inspired

All our designs are inspired by the bible and by christian faith. Some designs are exact scriptures whereas as other designs are a little more subtle, both are great conversation starters that give you an opportunity to testify (and use words if necessary).

High Quality

We always aspire to use high quality items that last as long as possible so you can be a lasting billboard for God. And also to create as little waste as possible so we can preserve God’s beautiful creation.

Spread the Word

 What is even better than giving people a piece of God’s word? Giving them the whole word! For every shirt and hat sold we will provide one Bible to the less privileged.


Great quality product with a equally great message! Will be buying more in the future.

★★★★★ - reviewed by JD²

Love the stickers. Good quality and a wonderful way to remind myself and others daily of inspirational scriptures.

★★★★★ - reviewed by Becky Dubsky

This sticker is fresh. Get complements on it all the time. Will buy more.

★★★★★ - reviewed by Austin

This is a super rad sticker I use on one of my notebooks. It really pops against all my other stickers I have on there. It's very well made!

★★★★★ - reviewed by Micah

Best sticker on my MacBook yet! Awesome sticker, with an even better message!

★★★★★ - reviewed by Victor Avila

“WOW!!!” were the first words out of my mouth when I got this sticker. Such high quality and an awesome design! Proud to be a part of #JudahsTribe.

★★★★★ - reviewed by Jeremiah